Gain insights and tools to identify and conquer fear!


It is Time to Crush Your Fear!

Are you tired of living in a society overwhelmed by fear?

Are you exhausted by the fear-fueled culture that keeps us from becoming our best selves?

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Like you can't move forward, or are afraid of taking chances?

This book is for you!

What people are saying about the book...

When you read this book You Will...

  • Explore all the ways fear tries to crush us.

  • Gain insight on how to identify fears.

  • Learn specific techniques on how you can crush those fears.

  • Learn how to navigate relationships and communication.

  • Learn how to crush the fear of failure.

  • Learn how to have better boundaries with family.

  • Learn how to manage the influence of media and social media.

What people are saying about Michael...

Michael is the REAL DEAL! He's leaned into his journey of conquering fear, learned powerful lessons, and is sharing them in this book. If anything is slowing you down from reaching your goals, fear is showing up somewhere.

Stacy Raske, Leadership Mentor & Mindset Coach

Michael has such a calm demeanor and presence with a wealth of knowledge and expertise surrounding many life events and how to work through them effectively!

Brittany Harvey-Reams, Recovering Healthcare Leader

From Fear of Failure to Fear of success and everything in between… I spent 26 years in the SEAL Teams and facing fears was something I had to do almost every day. Sometimes it was on the battlefield (where I was trained to face those fears) and others in my everyday life (no training here). Michael peels back the layers of how we allow FEAR to control our lives and then gives some pretty epic tools to help us Crush those Fears.

William Branum, Founder & CEO NW Recovery and 5 SEAL Secrets


Author, CPA, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Dad to Three Beautiful Daughters

Michael has started multiple revenue-generating companies both in the U.S. and Europe. He is the host of the Crushing Your Fear Podcast and has learned to conquer fear through examining it, learning from it, leaving the past behind, and adopting gratitude and a positive outlook for the future. He's also an avid marathoner, using running as a powerful way to manage the mind and conquer his own fear.

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